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Sunrise at the harbour

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Your safety is our utmost priority aboard Thames Sailing Barge Greta. Please note that boarding and disembarking involve using a ladder attached to the harbour wall, overseen by our experienced Skipper Steve. While this provides a unique experience, passengers undertake this at their own risk with the guidance of our vigilant crew.









We recommend wearing casual, comfortable attire such as jeans, casual trousers, shorts, and tops. Essential non-slippery deck shoes are advised, and we kindly ask passengers to refrain from wearing high heels for safety reasons.


Although shelter is available below deck, we suggest bringing a lightweight jacket or fleece to stay comfortable during the voyage. For sunny days, don't forget to pack a hat, sun cream, and sunglasses to ensure protection from the elements.

Throughout your time on board, please follow all instructions and directions provided by Skipper Steve and his dedicated crew. Your cooperation ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. At Thames Sailing Barge Greta, we prioritise your safety to make every journey a memorable and secure maritime adventure.

Where to park?

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Thames Sailing Barge Greta as we navigate the scenic waters of the Kentish coast. Our popular trips include visits to the World War II Army Forts designed by Guy Maunsell, visible from Whitstable and Herne Bay. Experience the awe-inspiring presence of these historic forts that played a crucial role in defending the coast during World War II.

Our regular routes take us through the majestic Kentish Flats Wind Farm, offering a close-up view of these towering wind turbines that harness the power of the wind to generate clean energy. Sail with us to the iconic Red Sands WWII Army Forts or set course towards Herne Bay Pier, Reculver Tower, and back to the picturesque Whitstable Harbour.

Nature enthusiasts will delight in the opportunity to witness seals and seal pups basking in the sun or playfully frolicking in the shallow waters. Greta's open deck provides the perfect vantage point to observe these charming marine creatures in their natural habitat.

Departing from the south quay at Whitstable Harbour, our trips are tailored to weather conditions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all passengers. Please contact Skipper Steve 24 hours prior to your scheduled trip to confirm weather conditions and ensure a seamless voyage. Join us on Thames Sailing Barge Greta for an exploration of maritime history, natural beauty, and the enchanting wonders of the Kentish coast.

Embark on a delightful day trip with Thames Sailing Barge Greta, where the adventure can unfold over up to 6 hours of scenic exploration. To enhance your experience, we suggest bringing along cold drinks and sandwiches for your enjoyment. While you're immersed in the beauty of the journey, we're pleased to provide warm drinks to keep you comfortable throughout the trip.

Families with children are more than welcome aboard, creating a memorable experience for all. However, for the safety of everyone on board, children must be supervised at all times and remain the responsibility of their accompanying party.

For added charm, be aware that we have two small boat dogs accompanying us on most trips. These friendly dogs bring a touch of warmth to the experience, but please note that they may politely beg for food. Rest assured, they are well-behaved and add to the friendly atmosphere of Thames Sailing Barge Greta.

Join us for a day of maritime history, natural beauty, and camaraderie aboard Greta, where every detail is carefully curated to ensure a memorable and enjoyable journey for passengers of all ages.

Where possible use a Long Stay Car Park.

Long Stay 'Gorrell Tank' car park which is accessed via Westgate Terrace off Cromwell Road. Satnav users should use Post Code CT5 1LB.

For further details about Whitstable car parks CLICK HERE 

You can drop passengers off inside Whitstable Harbour but cannot take cars along the South Quay where we are moored. (just a short walk from the drop off points)

We do have access to some locked parking bays, if you would like to use one please call Skipper Steve on: 07711657919 so he can arrange it with you.    

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