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Greta is a Thames Sailing Barge and was built in 1892 by Stones at Brightlingsea in Essex.

She is 80ft in length with a 20ft beam, 3ft draft and displacement of 49 tons.

She started her career as a working barge transporting ammunition, beer, grain, malt and building supplies on the River Thames and around the Thames estuary.

Greta was originally built for a barge sailmaker called Hibbs. She was sold on to Owen Perry and added to his fine fleet of working boats, a fleet noted for their smart turnout and racing success.

In 1918 Greta was sold again to The London Rochester Barge Company. She was chartered by the Ministry of Supply in WW11. She carried ammunition from the Army depot at Upnor in Rochester to Naval vessels anchored at the Nore in the Thames estuary. Greta is also the oldest Dunkirk Little ship still working, having been involved with the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.

She is a proud member of the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships. Greta no longer carries cargo but she still works hard providing the opportunity for fabulous day trips and is available for private charter.

Greta is listed ( no 206) on the UK National Historic Ships fleet register.

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