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Sailing Barge sailing back in to Whitstable, with the covid good to go logo

Living COVID-19

During the pandemic Skipper Steve took every care to ensure our passengers could stay safe and take a trip with us.

This included following all government guidelines and some common sense changes. He ensured that the barge qualified for “We’re Good to Go” service standard, so passengers could be assured that every thing possible was done with safety in mind.

Now we are in the “living with Covid” phase,

Skipper Steve has continued to ensure that all official advice is sought and applied.


COVID 19 – Safety information:

Please always follow instructions from the Skipper and Crew – precautions are in place for everyones safety.

Face masks and gloves are not essential, but if you prefer to wear them please bring them along.

Hand sanitisers are provided for use before going down the ladder & to be used as you come aboard.

Bathroom Hygiene:

Only 1 person at a time to access the bathroom which is below decks.


Keep safe and well.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard. 

COVID-19: About
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